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Anti-Wrinkle Protection

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment has taken the field of cosmetic dermatology by storm. In the last decade, we’ve all heard of Anti-ageing Treatments and you’d be surprised to know quite how many people have benefited from this wonderful treatment! At Fleek Aesthetics Manchester, our aim is to deliver our clients’ desired results, with minimal hassle and sustainable aftercare. If you are looking for Anti-ageing treatment in Manchester, choose Fleek Aesthetics for one of the city’s most accomplished Cosmetic Practitioners. Depending on your wishes, the nature of your requirements and our professional assessments, Anti-ageing treatment can last for up to four months. Contact us today, for Anti-Wrinkle treatment in Manchester.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers At Fleek Aesthetics — the vast majority of the cosmetic procedures and augmentation procedures that we offer have natural and powerful anti-aging effects. We use industry-leading brands of dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, to carry out our non-surgical facial aesthetics procedures. These dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a substance produced naturally by the body. HA is responsible for the elasticity and plumpness of the skin. However, its quantities in the skin diminish as we age. The most powerful anti-aging effect of this natural substance is that when it is injected it stimulates the production of collagen at the site of injection. Collagen is basically the glue that holds cells together and contributes to a youthful look.


Derma Roller

Medical Derma roller is a treatment was by a device with small micro-needles is passed over the skin penetrating deep into the dermis.

The body will regenerate and repair the skin, new collagen is formed and new skin cells are generated; this continues over the following months. It, however, takes 6 weeks before visible signs of this regeneration are noticed. You may need up to 4 treatment s 6 weeks between them.


Lip Enhancement

Whether you want to call it lip enhancement or lip augmentation, the aim of this cosmetic procedure is basically the same: the addition of volume and plumpness, towards a better look. Using only tried and tested injectable fillers, Fleek Aesthetics offer a broad range of lip enhancement treatments. If you have naturally thin lips, have lost volume in your lips due to aging, want to go for a new look or the areas around your lips, lip enhancement treatment may be for you. With the range of treatments on offer at Fleek Aesthetics and the finely-honed skills of our Cosmetic Practitioner, the world is your oyster. Contact us today for more information.


Micro Dermabrasion

So what’s so good about Micro-Dermabrasion. Why are the results so good? Well first of all it’s a great solution to open pores and unsightly blackheads, skin pigmentation, blemish scars, acne scars, fine lines and much more.

This treatment also helps to generate new collagen and elastin fibres. What are the benefits of this? It actually results in a firmer and more toned texture to your skin. The gentle vacuum action stimulates your body’s blood supply to the surface of the skin. This is what actually helps to create the collagen and elastin. You will almost immediately notice the difference. Many of our clients have admitted they feel and appear to look years younger


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Are you one of the fortunate women or men who are happy with the profile of your nose? If like many of us, you answered no, then you are on the right page. As we all know, your nose really does come in many different sizes and shapes. We all have friends or family or know someone with a distinct feature such as a bump, hook, or roman nose. Often people come to Skin Base for a solution to a very narrow or wide nose. Its such a prominent feature on the face that to disguise it, this is not always easy. This is were Rhinoplasty comes in.


Vampire Facelift (Plasma Platelets)

Are you wanting to have healthy, rejuvenated and youthful skin? If you answered yes then the Vampire facelift is for you. There is no surgery whatsoever. The procedure uses your own body’s healing and regenerative properties. It’s a simple outpatient procedure with amazing results seen on the same day. The regeneration of your skin can often last many months after your procedure with the overall visual effects lasting more than a year. The most significant of the results are noticeable once the healing process has finished. Us may see a little light bruising but this usually lasts no more than 10 days.

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