Venepuncture Training (Phlebotomy)


Phlebotomy, known as the study of the method and process of puncturing the vein (venepuncture) for the sole purpose of taking blood samples for laboratory testing.

The course structure tackles topics such as correct phlebotomy techniques, identifying the patient, proper care, specimen collecting and processing, usage of phlebotomy apparatus, and even essential components in anatomy and physiology. Likewise, the course also gives a lecture on diseases related to improper Phlebotomy procedure, and precautions to avoid such incidents. For those who aim to improve their skills in Phlebotomy, Fleek Academy welcomes medical workers and practitioners with prior experience. We also encourage individuals who are interested to start their journey in the medical arena, making them ready with the needed skills in order for them to gain new possible endeavors’ in the said field.

Course Aims

To understand how to safely and effectively practice venepuncture, whilst preventing infection and complications.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the steps involved in venepuncture
  • To understand potential complications surrounding the technique of venepuncture and how to prevent them
  • To understand good and safe practice for venepuncture
  • To understand the veins of the arm and sites to be avoided
  • To understand how to prevent and control the risk of infection

Expected learning time

1 hour

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