Advanced Wrinkle Relaxing Training


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This course is suitable for students who have completed a Basic Botulinum Toxin Course and can obtain suitable insurance. If you are confident in administering basic technique Botulinum Toxin treatments, then this is the course to help you develop your skills and offer advanced treatments to your clients.

Course content:

This is a hands-on course which includes theory and practice on models. Groups are limited to small numbers only. Lunch is provided.

  • An overview of Basic Botulinum Toxin treatments and recap on preparation, dosage and injection techniques
  • Advanced anatomical and physiological considerations
  • Managing client complications
  • How to make facial aesthetics an integral part of your everyday practice
  • Discussion and advice on available products
  • Practical session on models

Anti-Wrinkle has taken the field of cosmetic dermatology by storm. In the last decade, we’ve all heard of Anti-ageing Treatments and you’d be surprised to know quite how many people have benefited from this wonderful treatment! At Fleek Aesthetics , our aim is to deliver our clients’ desired results, with minimal hassle and sustainable aftercare. If you are looking for Anti-ageing treatment in Manchester, choose Fleek Aesthetics for one of the city’s most accomplished Cosmetic Practitioners. Depending on your wishes, the nature of your requirements and our professional assessments, Anti-ageing treatment can last for up to four months. Contact us today, for Anti-Wrinkle treatment in Manchester.

Anti-ageing Treatment – In the last decade or so, Anti-ageing Treatment have revolutionised the cosmetic procedures industry. Also, it relaxes muscles and inhibits their movement. In the last decade or so, this treatment has revolutionised the cosmetic procedures industry. The anti-ageing treatment relaxes muscles and inhibits their movement. In its best application, this treatment is usually applied to the forehead. Here they offer significant correction of wrinkles, creases, folds and stress lines, from the very first application. Moreover, Anti-ageing treatment can be applied to other areas of the face, where similar stress lines occur. It can last for up to four months and start working within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after injection. However, their full effects often show around two weeks after application.